I can change


Doubt casts a long shadow

It whispers dirty lies in my ear

I won’t let fear break my heart tonight

But I’m scared that I won’t get it right

I can trace the patterns from where I am

And where I want to be

The storm is still warring

And my armor is thin

The battles are long

And I don’t think I’ll win

But I can change

I can still change

4 thoughts on “I can change

  1. Your armour is thin? Have a little bit of mine.
    The battle is long? Another day done and you are still here, winning.
    That storm? It is proving your strength, courage and tenacity.
    Trace the patterns, then ink them into your soul.
    Listen for the whispers of love and hope and the knowledge that the future is yours.
    Change is good. Change is yours.
    You are strong, beautiful, able and joyous.
    Bring it the light. Share your glow.
    Have no doubt.


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